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Recipe: Tasty Puff pastry se Arabian delights

Puff pastry se Arabian delights. #puffPastryKunafa #kunafa #كنافةالبفباستري Ingredients:- Milk Roasted vermicelli or kunafa dough puff pastry sheets Any cream of your choice (Fresh cream. There are numerous variations but this is the best recipe tested so far.with sugar puffs ! Assalamualaikum sahabat pemirsa dimana pun berada semoga sehat dan sukses amiin Divideo kali ini […]

Recipe: Tasty Plantain mosa

Plantain mosa. Plantain Mosa is overripe plantains mashed and mixed with other ingredients then deep-fried in vegetable oil. This version of Plantain Mosa is similar to Nigerian Puff Puff. Plantain mosa is one of Nigerians popular small chops served at parties. It gives you the option of saving your overripe plantain instead of doing away […]