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Recipe: Yummy Minji

Minji. Park Minji (박민지) is currently a YouTube Creator. ASIAN. great person, err i mean penguin, worth not losing. Want to see more posts tagged #minji? Characters Minji, Yoohyeon, Siyeon, Handong, Bora, Gahyeon and Yubin. Pasadena, CA, United States of America. minjikyoon.artstation.com. A Minji cosmetics célja, hogy elhozza hazánkba a koreai kozmetikumok világát. You can […]

Recipe: Yummy Githeri

Githeri. This is a Kenyan staple meal made of boiled green maize and beans. I have made a guide that uses basic ingredients and if you follow it I guarantee you will. Githeri is native to East Kenya in particular and Africa as a whole – a one-pot meal, traditional made Githeri – a traditional […]

Recipe: Yummy Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steak. The Ultimate Classic Comfort Food. (Redirected from Salisbury Steak). Salisbury steak is a dish, originating in the United States, made from a blend of ground beef and other ingredients and usually served with gravy or brown sauce. It is a version of Hamburg steak. Salisbury Steak is classic comfort food. Delicious beef patties […]

Recipe: Yummy Steak Lo mein

Steak Lo mein. This Steak Lo Mein uses those ingredients but the sauce is richer and sweeter. It is the perfect combo to pair with pan seared steak, peppers and onions and freshly cooked noodles. Lo mein is a Chinese dish with egg noodles. What Meat Goes with Lo Mein? Beef: Flank steak, skirt steak, […]