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Recipe: Tasty Abalone cocktail

Abalone cocktail. Coctel de Abul√≥n (Abalone Cocktail) is a simple seafood cocktail made with crunchy celery, canned abalone, bright cilantro and combined together in a tomato. Abalone is a large mollusk prized for its rich meat. Whether farmed or wild, preparing this delicacy for pan-frying and other recipes requires special steps. Biologically, abalone is a […]

Recipe: Delicious Oyster cocktail

Oyster cocktail. See more ideas about shooter recipes, oyster shooter, oysters. to make a prairie oyster use egg yolk, cognac, worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, hot pepper sauce (red), salt, black pepper, malt vinegar and garnish with none. A delicious cocktail recipe for the Prairie Oyster cocktail with Brandy, Salt, Pepper, Tabasco Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and […]